Clair Hemmington

I ClairHemmingtonpic (2)was diagnosed with LAM (lymphangioleiomyomatosis – a lung disease which causes muscle cells that line the lungs’ airways and blood vessels to multiply abnormally) six months after I got married in 2004, I was 39 and I had a lovely 18-month-old daughter Lucy.

I deteriorated quite quickly and by the time Lucy started nursery I was on oxygen 24 hours a day & using a wheelchair. By May of 2006 I was on the transplant list.

I got the transplant call that changed my life in February 2008 a month before Lucy’s 5th birthday.  I was out of hospital in 6 weeks We started to do fun normal things together and she started to realise her mummy was a fun mummy not just a poorly one.

Unfortunately things turned full circle & I went back on the transplant list in 2013.  My new lungs were been damaged by acid reflux, and chronic rejection and infection.

I was lucky to receive my 2nd double lung transplant in October 2014, I spent a few months in hospital recovering this time but now I feel fantastic!

Because of organ donation I have been able to see my daughter grow up to a lovely 13 year old. Because of my donors I have been here for her through infant, junior and now senior school. Without my donors my daughter would have grown up without a mum and words can never say how grateful we are as a family to them and their families.