New membership fees for 2020

th (2)In order to be able to do this we rely on fundraising and you have been absolutely amazing – from cake sales, haircuts, festivals, triathlons, obstacle course races to simple donations. However, a large chunk of our income is through membership fees which at currently £9.00 (£6.00 for associate members such as friends, family members, carers, etc) had not increased in the last decade despite economic changes.

We would like to do a lot more for our hospital and our fellow patients and despite your committee members doing all their hard work for free and many of us not claiming our expenses, we are in need of funds to continue our work that we all are so passionate about.

This is why the annual membership fee will be increased by £1.00 from January 2020 – a small increase of less than 10p per month will make a huge difference to the club and in turn to others in need.

We will send out reminders to renew your membership in January, if you are not yet a registered club member please join us! You can join on this website  or email our membership secretary Rob Longrigg if you have any questions.

Thank you again for all your support – this club which supports so many would not exist without you!

Janka, Chairperson